What The Suds?

The handcrafted cold process soaps at XoM3 are quite special, indeed! Each recipe is uniquely created with the relationship of each ingredient AND final bar in mind.


The botanicals, waters, oils and additionals we choose are always organic, or ethically grown or harvested for the purest cleansing experience we can provide. 


Each batch of soap is superfatted. Super what? Well, you know that dry feeling and white chalky finish you sometimes get after using a bar of soap? Superfatting adds extra lipids to the bars that leave moisture, not ash, behind. It’s soothing and nurturing instead of stripping, so you feel clean AND soft.


XoM3 Soaps are crafted in small batches to give every bar particular attention. We don’t just scent the batch and call it good! If it’s labeled lavender, there’s REAL lavender in there! We infuse our oils and waters with whole botanicals weeks before crafting. We often add the dried plant to the finished bars for texture or color. All of the colors you see are naturally crafted from natural plant and mineral sources. Our scents are subtle, because they are REAL essential oils. We believe this labor of love is completely the joy and heart of these soaps.