About XoM3 Botanical Solutions

XoM3 {pronounced eks•OH•em•three} Botanical Solutions is a boutique company dedicated to selecting the finest organic and ethically selected, grown and wildcrafted ingredients with an herbalist's expertise, to formulate and handcraft exceptional products for real people in skin care, wellness, and home. 


 Hi!​ I'm Mandy, proprietor and principal herbal crafter at XoM3 Botanical Solutions. So, how did this all begin? Happily, I blame the plants! Some years back, my growing desire for quality self care resources launched me into an unexpected journey of ethnobotany and herbalism.  I was quickly enamored, inspired by both human and plant teachers. Generations of plant wisdom and traditional skills, extraction and infusion, growing and crafting, deepened my passion until experiments became formulas. Soon the formulas became gifts, and gifts turned to requests. It turns out I wasn't the only one looking for better solutions and it was clear I was onto something! 

 XoM3 has been a long time coming. Though the products have proven themselves, only after several years of research, practice and instruction did I finally feel ready to introduce XoM3's Botanical Solutions to the public. I am proud to have launched as a licensed and insured business in the city of Los Angeles in 2016. With so much pre-production, XoM3 has hit the ground running, enjoying amazing reception at a number of events in Southern California! It has been my privilege to have the XoM3 line invited into stores in the greater Los Angeles area and look forward to more partnerships in the near future! 




Though I'm just one woman, XoM3 is no lone wolf. A community of teachers, practitioners and entrepreneurs have helped to build this little company into what it is today. I am happy to say Trinity Pierce, the three in XoM3, can still frequently be seen at events and co-conspiring in my apothecary. Her aroma formulary expertise has contributed beautifully to the line and she often serves as anchor to my nutty professor/mad scientist ways. What can I say? Lucky for me, she thinks I'm charming! We're a playful crew, which you can see in many of our formula names. Because the only thing to take seriously is our commitment to our products and our customers.

 One last thing. About this name, XoM3 Botanical Solutions. If you're asking yourself, where the heck did "XoM3" come from? ...you're certainly not the first to wonder. In my part of the world, "Xo" is commonly shorthand for kisses and hugs, and of course, "M" is for Mandy. Trinity was the inspiration for "3", also the magic number that represents the trio of our focus: skin care, wellness and home. "Botanical", because plant wisdom is at the core of what makes these formulas so special. And finally, "Solutions", because these sweet little bottles and jars are full of concoctions, that are also the answers to the quest my geeky little lab nerd heart sought so long ago. So, you see, it's the LOVE put into these botanical products that created the name. And now that you know, we hope you'll always feel that care when you use your favorite XoM3 Botanical Solutions products. 

<p style="text-align: left;">Mandy Gough is a designer and practicing herbalist in Southern CA. Since 2012, she has developed her craft, attending a number of conferences, workshops, classes, series and an extensive apprenticeship under the instruction of a brilliant Master Herbalist and Master Gardener. She is committed to ongoing continued education, learning every day. Currently, she instructs and is the organizer of Roots of Healing Community Group and facilitates Herbal Book Club for practitioners in the Los Angeles area. *Mandy Gough is a practicing herbalist, formulator and designer in Southern CA. Currently, Mandy serves as Proprietor|Principal Crafter for XoM3 Botanical Solutions, on the Board of directors for CA Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild, as Director of Roots of Healing Community Meetup, instructs Herbal & Formulary Workshops at Cottonwood Urban Farm and intermittently facilitates Herbal Book Club for practitioners in the Los Angeles area. Since 2012, she has developed her craft, attending conferences, courses, and classes in herbalism, gardening, aromatherapy, and chemistry. Mandy completed her herbal apprenticeship under Herbalist and Master Gardener Julie James at Green Wisdom School of Herbal Studies in Long Beach, CA.