Meet in Malibu Swag Gifts!

With just a quick QR, you've arrived at XoM3's special Meetup in Malibu Swag Spot! Your sweet little gift includes two of my favorite handcrafted, organic skincare formulas: You Can Dew It Face Serum & Calendula Make it Better Balm! PLUS enjoy

15% off your next purchase!

So, what's in the bag?

Seasonal and dry weather, time, or biology can do a number on delicate facial skin. You Can Dew It Nourishing Face Oil is the serum that can help. Lush with organic and ethical ingredients, precious jojoba, rosehip seed, argon and evening primrose oils are infused with skin loving botanicals and essential oils of frankincense and ylang ylang. Handcrafted You Can Dew it delivers a velvety, dew kissed finish for glowing results.

Try You Can Dew It on its own or start with clean, clear balanced skin from Calm It Down Face Oil Cleanse to power up your self care regimine with XoM3 Signature Face Duo!
organic ingredients: jojoba oil infused w/ whole calendula, comfrey, rose & yarrow, rosehip seed oil, argon oil, evening primrose oil, frankincense essential oil, & ylang ylang essential oil

Make it Better Calendula Balm

Introducing my kindest balm yet Make it Better, Calendula Balm! Soothing, healing lipids infused with loads of organic calendula, plantain and yarrow "Make It Better" when hurt or chapped skin needs that little boost of support. The perfect solution for dry weather discomfort, booboos, suffering lips, grumpy skin, and frequent hand washers. It's even safe and useful gift for Baby! 

Make it Better Calendula Balm contains no added fragrances or essential oils. Natural organic butters, oils and the plants I infuse soothe you with the warm, slightly sweet scent of calendula, cocoa butter and beeswax, ideal for sensitive skin.  Also, featuring emollient extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and creamy raw shea butter! 

organic ingredients: extra virgin olive oil infused w/ whole calendula, yarrow, plantain, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter & beeswax

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