XoM3 Fire Cider: After the Burn Workshop 3|27|2019

You've heard about fire cider, and perhaps have even crafted your own spicy, tonic traditional elixir. Simply modified, the recipe is easy to tweak to your favorite tastes, making the elixir a delicious and useful ingredient for your home apothecary, your kitchen or even in your bar! Join me at our favorite Cafe, Moby's Coffee & Tea Co. in North Hollywood, CA for a culinary adventure to learn several tasty ways to put your Fire Cider to work!
A blend of vinegar, powerful herbs and spices, and an optional touch of honey to taste, fire cider is an herbal folk remedy traditionally used for wellness support during cold and flu season. Turns out, it's also a hit as a spicy culinary flavoring, condiment or as part of a refreshing beverage. 
Cost $42 - $48
Student spaces available: 20
Paid RSVP required by Tuesday 3/26 to allow time for prep.
You bring: 
An adventurous pallette, notepad and pen! 
You'll be provided with:
• A short history of fire cider
• Herbal knowledge of some key wellness benefits and contraindications of the ingredients.
• The infused vinegar Fire Cider to taste
• Culinary demos, tastings & recipes for Fire Cider inspired beverages and dishes
• Complimentary adult beverages to demo optional drinks
• Silly annecdotes and plenty of laughter. I'm known in some circles as the Irreverant Herbalist and love a good pun, so consider yourselves fairly warned. :D

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