Summer Camp South! Ft. Myers 07/6-8/2018

XoM3 is on the road again, this time headed South!
I'll be traveling to The Buckingham area of Ft. Myers, FL with a weekend full of workshops, sure to inspire your creativity and deepen your herbal and crafting knowledge with courses in:

     • Herbal Syrups
     • Herb Infused Oils for Food and Natural Skincare
     • and Cold Process Soap Crafting
       (see below for more details on courses)

All registrants will be invited to a special complimentary Friday night social with luxurious spa treats to sooth and refresh your skin, and get your creative juices flowing, featuring herbalist formulated botanical formulas, including face oils, balms, masks, scrubs, and more! All treatments are handcrafted by yours truly at XoM3 Botanical Solutions! As an added thank you, Mandy will be offering a complimentary Q&A Hour on Sunday, and exclusive discounts and shopping specials for all registered attendees for the full weekend.

USE DISCOUNT CODE: CLASS to avoid shipping costs.
Student spaces available: 30
Paid RSVP by Thursday 07/05 to reserve your space.
An email with your ticket, info, and the location details will be sent to you with paid registration by Thursday night.
Check out discounted pricing when you bundle courses for maximum YOU TIME!  Complimentary events are valued at $70!  

Friday evening
7pm | Welcome registrants! Your Complimentary Spa Social awaits!
Join us and meet your cohort! Creativity is so much fun with friends! What better way to get to know your fellow crafters (and teacher!) than to enjoy some luxurious self care together! Try a variety of handcrafted, herb infused treatments to soften, sooth and pamper your skin, all handcrafted by Mandy at the XoM3 Apothecary in Los Angeles, California.

10am | Herbal Syrups
Learn to craft your own herbal syrups for flavor and wellness! Tinctures are lovely medicine, but can take time to extract. Herbal teas are fast, but only last a day or two. A quicker, and arguably tastier path to support and a little comfort through the season is a good herbal syrup! Come learn all about herbal syrups to help you feel prepared and comforted when the coughs, congestion, tummy aches, pains, and usual seasonal suspects attack. Some are even yummy to keep around for natural sodas, dessert toppers or a unique spin on your favorite adult beverage! Your ticket includes your herbal lecture, crafting instruction, your very own syrup, and take home recipes to explore! Some featured herbs may include Elderberry, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Nettle. We may have a tasty bonus treat you can try for inspiration in uses for your syrup!
You'll learn :
• Best practices in herbal syrup formulation, choosing and blending herbs & spices that are right for you or your loved ones.
• Tasty uses for herbal syrups for nourishment and flavor, even when you're feeling tip top.
Run time: Approx 2 hours

1:30pm | Herb Infused Oils for Food & Natural Skincare
Herb infused oils add dimension and micronutrients to salad, sautee, marinades, grilled foods, or drizzled with your favorite vinegar over caprese! Topically, herb infused oils may sooth boo boos, aid in muscle relaxing massage or soften and nourish delicate skin. Oil and fat infusions even show up in traditional methods of natural perfumery, such as enfleurage. Enflourwhat? We’ll get to that. That’s why you should come join us for this special course! You’ll have a chance to learn a skill with so many purposes and uses, and take home your own infusion, recipes and guides to for more infusion adventures at home!
You’ll learn to:
• Choose from different oils and herbs for your favorite recipes, both for skin and gastronomy
• Infusion methods for fresh or dried herbs, including considerations for safety
• How to craft balms from your infused oils for a richer emollient solution for lips, hands, knees, heals and more!
Run time: Approx 2 hours

12:30pm | Intro to Cold Process Soap Crafting
Have you wondered how to make your own soap, wanted to give it a try, or even purchased a kit to just watch it collect dust on the shelf? To help you get beyond the intimidation procrastination, or just broaden your current bubbling wisdom, we'll gather to workshop one of my favorite and most useful handcrafted projects handmade, cold process soap making! You’ll take home print outs to inspire confidence to trek out on your own with links to source recipes, calculators and ingredient resources, as well as your own co-crafted, customized soap we’ll make together in class! 
You'll learn :
• The Science of Saponification
• Best practices & safety in cold process soapmaking.
• How to choose and use fats, herbs, spices and other additives to customize your own best bar.
• Methods of formulation and resources for recipes and calculators.
• Soap making mysteries like superfatting, gel and curing.
• How to source & build a soap making tool kit.
• Tips and tricks to make processes and clean up easier.
While fragrance oils and synthetic colorants are a fun and exciting part of many practitioners soap craft, we will focus on more natural options for this class. If you have a favorite essential oil or blend, please feel free to bring it to customize your soap! You may choose to bring an apron to protect your clothing, or goggles if you want to really get in there. Otherwise, just bring a pen, notebook and yourself!
Run time: Approx 3 hours

3:45pm | Ask Your Herbalist - an open Q&A with Mandy
Have more questions about anything you learned this weekend? Looking to go a bit deeper on a topic or want to inquire about different herbal methods and approaches? All registrants for any weekend courses are welcome to join us to close up a fabulous weekend of fun, learning, creativity and refreshment at this open Question and Answer Hour.
You can expect a light hearted, casual atmosphere, the usual, silly anecdotes and plenty of laughter. I'm known in some circles as the Irreverent Herbalist and love a good pun, so consider yourselves fairly warned. 😀Look forward to seeing you there!

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