Summer Camp for Grown Folks! Ohio 07/14/2018

Here's one for our hometown friends in Ohio! Back to back Art and Natural Crafting Workshops!
Tired of seeing your kids frolic off to craft, snack and "hang out" all summer while you're left mowing the lawn and hanging the laundry? Well BAG THAT. Adventures and creativity aren't just for the young'uns! Take a day for yourself, come on over to Steve & Mandy's Summer Camp for Grown Folk Saturday, July 14th starting at 9am, and enjoy your own creative art and craft workshop events for grown ups!
Check out discounted pricing when you bundle both workshops for a full day of YOU TIME! 
*Complimentary beverages will be provided! Please be responsible to arrange transportation accordingly. ;)
USE DISCOUNT CODE: CLASS to avoid shipping costs.
Student spaces available: 15-20
Paid RSVP by Wednesday 07/11 to reserve your space.
An email with your ticket, info, and the location will be sent to you with paid registration by Friday 07/13.
The Details
Steve Fisher, founder of Artborne Custom Artwork, invites you to explore fun, creativity and a little art education, as he guides you to paint your very own acrylic masterpiece on an 11"x14" canvas! You'll get as much instruction as you need, from demo paintings for examples, to how to hold a paintbrush, to discovering your own personal style. All the tools you'll need to bring out your inner artist will be supplied for you. Steve says, "I strongly believe that everyone creates in some aspect, and I want to help bring that out in each and every one of you." Remember, there are no mistakes in art, just "happy accidents"! 
Mandy Gough, proprietor and principal herb crafter at XoM3 Botanical Solutions, steps in for the nature and crafting segment of your day with DIY Skincare and Beauty! You'll learn how to take ingredients from your kitchen, and even your own backyard, to craft natural products that help you look and feel your best! You'll be taking home your own personalized creations like lip balms, scrubs and nourishing hydration masks as seen in K Beauty, as well as recipes and instructions to DIY at home! You'll receive all ingredients, materials, tools, containers, labels, and hands on instruction, as well as bonus info on the safe and proper use of herbs and essential oils in your botanical treats!
The first course starts at 9am and runs until approximately 11am. We'll break for lunch then reconvene at 12:30pm to continue the adventure until about 2:30pm. Our location is a private residence in Ada, Ohio. We'll have limited spaces, so please reserve your ticket ASAP to give Mandy time to ship her apothecary from Los Angeles to Ada. 

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