XoM3 Soap Craft 101 Workshop 06/30/2018

Have you wondered how to make your own soap, wanted to give it a try, or even purchased a kit to just watch it collect dust on the shelf? So many of us find the idea of making our own luxurious, gently cleansing soap appealing, but also intimidating! To help you get over the overwhelm, or just broaden your current bubbling wisdom, we'll gather to workshop one of my favorite and most useful handcrafted projects! Come join me June 30th at Cottonwood Urban Farm and learn the ins and outs of handmade, cold process soap making.

In addition to co-crafting our own soap with your unique customization, your ticket includes: Lecture, Collaborative Instruction, Organic Fats (oils, butters), Herbs & Spices, Moulds, Essential Oils, gloves and equipment. 

You'll learn :
• The Science of Saponification
• Best practices & safety in cold process soapmaking.
• How to choose and use fats, herbs, spices and other additives to customize your own best bar.
• Methods of formulation and resources for recipes and calculators.
• Soap making mysteries like superfatting, gel and curing
• How to source & build a soap making tool kit.
• While fragrance oils and synthetic colorants are a fun and exciting part of many practitioners soap craft, we will focus on more natural options for this class.
• The usual, silly anecdotes and plenty of laughter. I'm known in some circles as the Irreverent Herbalist and love a good pun, so consider yourselves fairly warned. 😀
You may choose to bring an apron to protect your clothing, or goggles if you want to really get in there. Otherwise, just bring a pen, notebook and yourself!
USE DISCOUNT CODE: CLASS to avoid shipping costs. Student spaces available: 15-20
Paid RSVP by Friday 6/28 to reserve your space and allow for kit production. A few early birds may enjoy added discounts!
An email with your ticket, info, and the location will be sent to you by Friday 6/29 with your purchase to reserve your space. 

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